The BORÓKA folcloric dance group was founded in 1997 by the Eötvös József High School. The complition of our dancers is made of the students of Borsika, Csillagvirág groups.
Its purpose was to familiarize the students of our school coming from over 130 villages with the beauty of the dance and music. Their source of inspiration are the Transilvanean traditions, they are varied and full of colour. We would like to give a foretaste of this variety to our students and now for you, too.

Our group participates in events in our hometown, Hungary, Austria, Germany, France, Poland, Slovakia, Finland, Turkey, Czech Republic, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania. They bring happiness to us with their dances and we hope that we will see the best of them on strage as members of a professional dance group.
The dancers are students of our school, they practice in their freetime, the coreographers:

Hortenzia Lorincz.

The leader of our dance group is Erzsébet Kelemen, professor of Hungarian literature and grammar.